Sunday, December 28, 2014

A Happy and Blessed Yule

Hello friends,

Merry Christmas and Happy Yule!

This years festivities have left me more than exhausted, looking forward to a few days of peace and quiet now that the hustle and bustle has subsided.

The dark season is ending, the longer days are coming.

I was blessed to receive many gifts, but most of all I was blessed to spend so much happy, cozy, loving time with my friends and family.  

Oh and I spotted this familiar fella when driving down the street the other day.  He happily obliged when I asked to take his picture.  He was walking around outside and smoking a cigarette hehehe.

I snuggled so much with my favourite little guy Oscar.  Oh and for those that have asked when I'm going to get a dog of my own, I do have one!  Remington, the golden retriever, is my family dog.  I am lucky to have many wonderful pups in my life and don't have to clean up after any of them ;)

I love this time of year because I always start going outside more after Christmas, as the days get longer and; although it is frigid out, I can feel that the seasons are turning and spring will soon arrive.

I have created some new little ones from the goblin mine woodland that I will soon share.  There will be more but these two are a sneak peak, a pixie and a ghost with her baby!

I've also been making fairy jewels.  This piece is called the Fairy Queen's Coronation ring and has sold but there will be more coming in the new year.

Thank you all for being a part of my 2014.  I am looking forward to what the next year has in store!

My love and blessings,

Friday, December 12, 2014

Happy St. Lucia Day ~ Audrey Eclectic St. Lucia Blog Procession

Happy St. Lucia Day friends!

As a dweller of the Northern Woods, I adore all that this Scandinavian holiday stands for.  It is the Festival of light, a time to celebrate the nights knowing that soon the days will be longer once more.

Of course it is also a time to celebrate the days, no matter how short they are, and the beautiful season of Winter where all is quiet and peaceful for a short time.

Here in the northern part of Canada we also have dark cold winters, with frosted trees and dark nights.

As night approaches we are peaceful and merry, because we know that the dark season will soon pass. My dear pup Remington is a true King of winter, always frolicking in the snow no matter how cold or dark it is.

And as the nights turn dark, we light our homes with candles and stars, to remind us that even through the darkest night there is light, hope, and joy.

Happy St. Lucia Day and God Jul!

Thank you to Heather for hosting this sweet and cozy blog procession.  I loved writing this post.  Hop over to her blog Audrey Eclectic for more processions and post about St. Lucia Day and a Scandinavian Christmas.

My love and blessings,

Monday, December 8, 2014

The Goblin Mine Woodland - New Goodies in the Shop!

Dear friends,

I've been creating.

Sculpting, painting, glittering, gluing, varnishing.

A new collection of the Goblin Mine Woodland is here!

This collection was inspired by my love of sweet candy colours, glitter, woodland legends, Earth's treasures in the form of gemstones, and living a mile away from an actual working mine behind the forest past my back garden.

I first created the Goblin Mine Woodland about a year ago, and sculpted my first collection.

You can read the post that explains the Goblin mine woodland here:

All of the creatures and creations listed below are currently available in my Etsy shop which is linked in my sidebar as well as right here:

Rosie Fay the Crystal Goblin

Pixie Toadstool Cottage

Flora Ivy the Crystal Goblin

Nixie Willow the Crystal Goblin

Marigold Blossom the Crystal Goblin

Klaus the Snow King

Thank you for stopping by!

Much love and blessings,