Monday, February 23, 2015

Fiery Hair and Icy Winds

Hello my friends!

Long time no talk!  I've been trapped inside a little lethargic with icy conditions and -40 wind chills keeping my hibernating.

Truth be told 2015 has hit me like a truck, with a whole whack of unnecessary drama to go along with it.

But here I've found this place again.  Always.  

With fiery hair and leaves and flowers.  Awaiting spring soooo patiently.  I long to dance among the trees once more.

I received gifts and swap parcels from several friends.  Here is from, a dear illustrator friend from Italy who drew me with my raven hair and fairy corset.

And a sweet tea cup bed with a ginger fairy from Titania's Tea Party who received one of my goblins in exchange.

And a beautiful moonshine necklace and crystal, along with beautiful vintage treats from my beloved sister Sara at Snovits Apple who has found Instagram and is sharing bits of her sweet lacey Victorian world on there regularly.

I created this sunflowers and garnets ring for my stepmother's birthday, sculpted and painted then bedecked with raw garnets.

And this Pokemon (Keldeo) sculpture for Valentine's day for Jamie.  My it was hard to sculpt I was so out of my element but I think he was happy!

As well as a couple of moons who have gone off to live in Australia.  Hoping the journey will be safe!

Escapes to my sketchbook are well needed breaks from real world deadlines and home upkeep.

And this little baby is my new nephew!  Little Kobe!

In all of this I am learning to meditate as a daily practice, do Kundalini yoga weekly along with daily morning and evening low impact yoga sessions, as well as running and doing my favourite workout videos.  I'm a spiritual health nut these days!  

The semester is quickly coming to an end, along with my undergrad degree.  I am starting to look for jobs, as there is no work to be found in the libraries around here yet.  It will come.  I must be patient.  So will spring, my favourite time.

I promise to continue blogging, though I will be honest I am much more present on Instagram these days.  I suggest following me there at BroomsticksandLace if you do not already.  I am hosting a giveaway that will be ending tomorrow.  You can also find me on Facebook at Broomsticks and Lace where I share my Instagram posts as well as a few other exclusive tidbits from time to time.

Thank you for still being here, always, as I learn and grow.

I hope to see you all soon!

Love from Jenn